Anatomy of this WebSite:

WeekendWinnerWorkShop/(A)llies (I)n (R)ecovery.


On September 26, 2010 The WeekendWinnerWorkShop 1,2,3 Dingy was launched into the vast unknown in an effort to carry the AA message of Recovery to the still sick and suffering alcoholic. The AA Service Manual does not elaborate on precise methods about how to accomplish this so I chose to put my Experience, Strength and Hope in writing on the Dingy. Perhaps it will be of help to someone...


Initially the Dingy was just a few pages of writings on AA's first three steps and the pages were stored in an EarthLink Personal WebSpace. Several  years have passed  and the Dingy has changed.
It had to..., The poor thing got shot at, Torpedoed and on occasion has had to repel Klingons. A TMD Hosting HighHorsePower WebSpace was discovered and the Dingy exploded. Those few pages are now surrounded by Two CMSs, Six Forums, Two sets of Colorful PlaceHolders


And some CrazyGlue...