2: We 'Came To Believe' that a 'Power Greater Than Ourselves' could restore us to sanity.

The FellowShip of AA


  What began as a rinky-dink idea on a shoestring budget has blossomed into something no less than phenomenal and the body of evidence as to its success cannot be denied. The program of recovery offered by Alcoholics Anonymous will probably work for any alcoholic who is willing to put forth an honest effort.


Having repeatedly failed to quit drinking on my own willpower I realized I was defeated and needed something completely different. I called my employer’s assistance hotline and was referred to a treatment facility. The four horsemen (terror, bewilderment, frustration and despair) had beaten me into a state of reasonableness. I had become ready and willing. While in treatment I listened and did the homework requested of me so recovery began on day one. I trust in the process and more than Eighteen years later it still works for me.

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