Those Comic Strips...

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Those Comic Strips...

Postby MarcLacroix » Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:48 am

There is some discussion on whether these are (A)lcoholics (A)nonymous items, or Al-Anon items. The answer is they are both. "It Happened to Alice" and "What Happened to Joe" originally appeared in the late 60s stamped as "A.A. General Service Conference Approved" litterature and were attributed to "(A)lcoholics (A)nonymous World Services". "If Your Parents Drink Too Much" is also attributed to Alateen, the A.A. for teenagers. Of the four storylines, only "Jane's Husband Drinks Too Much" is independently "Al-Anon Conference Approved". Al-Anon is the support group for family members of alcoholics and is a direct organizational offshoot of (A)lcoholics (A)nonymous.

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