(A)llies (I)n (R)ecovery {Exotic}

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Author:  MarcLacroix [ Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:00 am ]
Post subject:  MyIttyBittyDrunkALog

My Name is Marc and I am a RealF(n)Alcoholic.
I had my First Drink at age 14. Even then 1 was not enough so I had a few beers.
As you may well imagine I got the SpinsAndPuked.
But hey, I had so much fun that a bit of vomit was a small price to pay.
Later on in life I found myself returning to Alcohol more and more frequently and switched to liquor.
My drinking was usually excessive and often into oblivion(BlackOut).
In my thirties I had become Alcohol's prisoner and was unaware of my predicament(Powerlessness).
I drank and I drank even when I did not really want to drink. I had no idea why and I could not stop.
I tried going back to beer but all that did was make me PissALot and I could not get a decent Buzz.
I was a Rum, Vodka and Whiskey kind of guy and proud of it(Insane thinking).
Wellp, That's My IttyBittyDrunkALog.

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